Value-Addition: A way of taking agricultural products to the next level

lowest value

While farmers put a lot of effort in their farming activities, they tend to get the least out of their toil when it comes to the market and it’s only through Value addition that this trend can be reversed.

Due to a lack of storage and market options, most smallholder farmers will sell their produce at harvest, when prices are at their lowest. Immediately after harvest, prices begin to rise, representing a lost income opportunity for smallholder farmers.

Our response

In response, Benok Exporters Limited through its partners has designed a concentrated program of helping farmers embrace new and best methods of farm production, value addition and marketing methods so that they can reap the maximum benefits from their farms and protect the environment.

Value-added Agriculture is a worthwhile investment that can generate higher returns, allow penetration of a new potentially high-value market, extend the production season, create brand identity and develop brand loyalty. “Value-added agriculture generally focuses on production or manufacturing processes, marketing or services that increase the value of primary agricultural produce.


Benok Exporters Limited is focused in increasing the primary agricultural produce appeal to the consumer and the consumer’s willingness to pay a premium over similar but undifferentiated products. 

Benok Exporters Limited, is employing the following to have increased revenue on the agricultural produces, reduce marketing bills, increase shelf life of the products and increase bargaining power. We shall create more value through training farmers on post-harvest handling of the produce, training farmers on processing alternatives available to them, creation of village clusters, harness indegeneous technologies for food processing and educating farmers on the potential uses of byproducts.