Spinach/ Swiss Chard Planting

Step-by-step guide on how to grow your Spinach!

Spinach is also one of the simplest and easy to grow vegetables crops in Kenya. It can be grown in any part of the country both in large scale and small scale. However, spinach is a cool weather crop and therefore does not grow well on hot weather months. The ideal temperature to grow your spinach is always between 16ºC and 24ºC.

The following steps should be followed before growing your spinach

  1. Till your land to loosen the soil
  2. Apply the fertilizer, i.e. compost manure  
  3. Mix the soil and the manure thoroughly using a garden fork
  4. Plant your spinach seeds on the ground
  5. Water your plants regularly
  6. Apply top dressing after you’ve planted your spinach seeds five weeks for better leaf growth
  7. Harvest your spinach on a regular basis removing the outer leaves first

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