One of our management best practices is soil sampling and testing. We endeavor to expose our growers under this practice to enable them learn as much as possible about their soil in order to produce the best yields. This includes knowing what nutrient deficiencies exist in their soil, the kind of pathogens that are likely to affect plant health, and what nutritional program best suit their soils.

What is it for?

A soil test is important for several reasons: -

  • • To optimize crop production,
  • • To protect the environment from contamination by runoff and leaching of excess fertilizers
  • • To aid in the diagnosis of plant culture problems.
  • • To improve the nutritional balance of the growing media

Why routine testing?

Soil analysis is important to optimize production while efficiently managing your resources. Regular soil testing enables the early detection of harmful soil conditions such as acidity and salinity build-up, nutrient imbalances and overloads, and the depletion of organic matter

For as little as KSh 3000 we will offer you tests for soil nutrient and soil texture. However, for a comprehensive pathological soil tests, we charge between KSh 7,500 and KSh 13,500.