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Hydroponics and Aquaponics explained

Hydroponics and aquaponics are both soil-free methods of cultivating crops. The major difference between the two methods is that aquaponics integrates a hydroponic environment with aquaculture, the process of cultivating fish. It combines them to create a balanced ecosystem that benefits crops as well as the fish.

In an aquaponics system, one of the components is a hydroponic bed wherein crops are grown with the use of nutrient enriched solution. The other component is a tank or aquarium wherein fish are grown. As the fish grow, the tank becomes filled with waste matter. This water needs to be changed frequently so that the fish can survive and flourish in clean water.

An aquaponics system uses the waste matter from the fish tank, by having it treated with natural bacteria that convert the fish waste to nutrients that are usable by plants. Instead of getting nutrient rich water for hydroponics, the nutrient-rich water from the fish tank is used. After being treated with bacteria, this water is passed on to the hydroponic section, where it replaces the water that is depleted of nutrients.

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