We train farmers and make follow ups to ensure that we avail the best fruits to both local and international markets. Through working with farmers across the region we are producing fruits such as: Berries (Passion fruits), Melons (Watermelons), Avocados (Hass, Fuerte), and Mangoes (Ngowe, Apple Mangoes).

Passion Fruit

There are at least five varieties passion fruit grown in Kenya (Purple, Yellow, Sweet, Giant, and Banana passion fruit). At Benok Agriculture we majorly export Purple Passion (Passiflora edulis) where we source for the best quality and traceable fruits from across the country.

The Purple passion fruit is round or oval, measuring about 4 centimeters to 6 centimeters in diameter. It changes its colour from green to deep purple when ripe.

Availability – January to December

Packaging – Product is packaged in 2KG box sizes

Avocado Cultivars

Hass and Fuerte are the two widely grown avocadoes in Kenya for the export market. We source these fruits from across the country through our contract farming model where we guarantee that only safe and high-quality avocadoes reach your dinner table.

Both varieties are available from size 12 to size 26, where size 26 is the smallest (takes 26 avocadoes to fit in a 4KG packaging carton), and size 12 is the biggest (12 avocadoes fit in a 4KG carton)

Availability – February to September

Packaging – Packaging is in 4KG and 10KG Cartons


Kenya grows different varieties of mangoes including both local and improved varieties i.e Ngowe, Sabre Dodo for local varieties, and Tommy Atkins, Van Dyke, Apple, etc for improved varieties.

For both the export and fresh fruit domestic market, Apple mango is the popular variety because of its colour and aroma when ripe. Ngowe is another popular one and it is fit for processing mainly due to its large size, high quality, and high brix content which produces a high quality and quantity pulp. At Benok Agriculture we export Ngowe and Apple mangoes. Mangoes are available in size 8 – 10.

Availability – October to March

Packaging – Packaged in either 4KG or 10KG sized boxes.