Capsicum farming

Step 1.

Test the soil to establish what it lacks so as to be informed on the right micro nutrients to add.

Soil samples can be taken, tested, and analyzed within 7 days.

For as little as KSh 3000 we will offer you tests for soil nutrient and soil texture. However, for a comprehensive pathological soil tests, we charge between KSh 7,500 and KSh 13,500.

It is advised if the soil is found to be infested with bacterial wilt, one should avoid planting capsicum or tomatoes as they will be affected and the harvest will be disastrous.

Farmers are urged to plant crops such as garlic, cucumber or spinach for about three years during which time the bacterial wilt will have died from lack of a host.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on Capsicum farming!

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