Capsicum Farming continued…

  • Apply the right amount of fertilizer after soil testing to optimize the soil for crop production in the greenhouse.
  • Buy original hybrid seeds for a bountiful harvest. The hybrid seeds for one acre costs upwards of Sh10,000.
  • Germinate the seed in a nursery before transplanting to the garden/ greenhouse. This can take up to 10 to 12 days. Hardening happens after 3 weeks and transplanting after 28 days/ 4 weeks.
  • Spacing matters; put one plant 40 cm from another along the drip lines, continue applying the right fertilizers as per the soil testing report and sprays in intervals of 14 days, the crop matures in three and half months.
  • Avoid Very high or low temperatures as it can cause flower abortion (falling of the flowers). Low temperature is contained by spraying fungicides while for high temperature you should open the vents for aeration. However, flowers also fall as the plant tries to self-regulate the number of fruits that it can carry.
  • The crop can then be harvested for about eight months as it continues to grow.

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