Month: July 2019

Soil-free Technology

Hydroponics and Aquaponics explained Hydroponics and aquaponics are both soil-free methods of cultivating crops. The major difference between the two methods is that aquaponics integrates a hydroponic environment with aquaculture, the process of cultivating fish. It combines them to create a balanced ecosystem that benefits crops as well as the fish. In an aquaponics system, …

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Harvesting Spinach

WHEN TO HARVEST SPINACH: Harvest Spinach when the leaves are tender and big enough to eat. Spinach is ready for picking 56 days after sowing (planting the seed). Harvest Spinach 55 to 65 days after sowing for full-sized leaves with a thick midrib. HOW TO HARVEST SPINACH: If from garden; Harvest Spinach as close to …

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